Sales Support

Short on staff?

Did you know we can provide fill-in sales support for those emergency unplanned situations where your staff are unable to make it to work? Simply give us a call as soon as you are aware of the staff shortage and we’ll fill the role to your requirements.

Client-focused and flexible, we’ll work with you to fill the gap, whether it’s a short term emergency or a longer term assignment. Over the years we’ve helped to cover everything from, staffing shortfalls, to sickness, short term absences, conferences and holiday cover.

Concerned about the bottom line impact? In most cases, outsourcing is both cost and time effective as it eliminates expenses such as: ACC levies, administration, sick leave, holiday pay, statutory holidays, training and supervision, staff recruitment and other unforseen employee costs.

In a fix? Give us a call to find a quick, reliable, solution.