Display building

Looking to stop traffic? Displays are an excellent way to attract interest and boost sales. It can give your product pride of place and when placed within a steady flow of shoppers and ensures the product is right in their path.

When it comes to displays, we’ve found there are a number of factors that maximise a successful sales campaign…

Most importantly, location, location, location. If it’s in a dark corner hidden behind the greeting card stand, the full appeal will be lost, and in many cases that will result in lost sales.

Our trained staff can ensure that your stand is positioned in the best possible location to capture interest amidst the flow patterns of traffic in each outlet, in accordance the set agreement. For some customers, our staff can also enter into negotiations on their behalf agreeing on the perfect ‘sweet spot’ for the display.

A close second, access is also an important factor. The Achiever team are trained to spot any instances that will impede customers from choosing to purchase. We’ll set up and correct any instances where the display has been positioned in such a way that it blocks the customers from access to the product itself. We’ll also ensure that are price ticketing is up to date and clear visible.

Finally, we never under estimate the power of the aesthetic. The more attractive a display, often the more eye catching it is. Our team on the ground work to make sure the display is kept shiny and full of product. Damaged, tarnished products are also removed from eyesight.

Experiencing disappointing results from your free standing displays?  Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to ensure your product achieves pride of place.