Question: We are a company in the FMCG industry that requires merchandise cover in just Auckland Wellington & Christchurch;, can you assist in these areas?

Answer: Yes we have staff based throughout wider NZ, We can taper to client demand to suit for any specific areas. We can work in Countdowns & or just Foodstuffs. Simply advise details.


Question: We have a sales team that covers NZ wide however due to customer demands we have issues getting back to some of the more remoter parts of the country on a regular basis such as areas throughout the  South Island & some remoter parts of the North Island, Can Achiever provide staff for example in just the isolated areas that we cannot get to on a regular basis?

Answer: Yes, we currently have this covered with existing customers, the trade loves this as well as we ensure rapport & product is maximised on shelf.


Question: We are a smaller sized company with high sales targets to achieve, every year we are tasked with reimplementing relays in Progressive stores. We find we do not have the manpower for our existing sales staff to be taken off the road for hours at a time. Can you provide relay assistance for these periods?

Answer: Yes we have customers that only ask Achiever to assist for this part of their business, we will take this on assuming we are furnished with respective stores & timelines.