high performance merchandising edge to make sure your products get off the shelf and in consumer's shopping bag!


ACHIEVER™ -  your dedicated merchandising solution


ACHIEVER is your dedicated merchandising solution. We're established! We've been successfully providing companies like yours with a professional quality merchandising service since 1996.

Trading since 1996 ACHIEVER is a strong medium size business with over seventy dedicated merchandising and sales staff operating in all business sectors such as Grocery, Fashion, Variety, Mass Merchants and Hardware from Kaitaia to Invercargill.




We aim to understand and embrace your initiatives and more importantly your business culture & needs including the delivery of a total field solution to execute your sales & merchandising strategies that deliver the positive results that you demand. 
We recognise you seek both effectiveness and efficiency goals & the need to maximize “speed to market” is a necessity whether this is to launch new products or execute other specific market initiatives. 
At Achiever Merchandising & Sales Agency we are an experienced team of passionate individuals & understand that at the heart of our business are our people. We see our people and their skills as the competitive edge in the competitive market that we operate in. Our core competency is in the management of our dedicated sales & merchandising team. 
We are committed to providing a supportive, flexible and challenging environment. It is this commitment that has enabled us to build a loyal and dedicated workforce. 
We are also able to cope with fluctuations and “peaks and valleys” of customer demands for whatever the reason as well as managing all facets of workforce demand. Rest assured we understand that your sales must be achieved. 

We service all retail sectors such as Grocery, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Route, Hardware, Department stores and Foodservices. Achiever Merchandising & Sales Support is for clients who realise the value of a professional in store / on shelf presence for your  products.  

It can’t be bought if it is not there! 

“Up to 70% of buying decisions are made at point of purchase”
Source: Mintel

You invest a lot in advertising and developing your brands, you have generated consumer interest… but at the end of the day, if your product is not on display, your customer will look elsewhere. And who can blame them? After all, how can they buy it when it is not there? 

ACHIEVER delivering industry excellence in all aspects of merchandising and sales support.

Our team look forward to representing your organisation and your products.








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"It's our mission is to provide exceptional service and quality
through our management & dedicated staff doing what it takes
in-store to make sure your product looks as great as it can on shelf."